Approve all creditworthy customers
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Approve more creditworthy customers with account data powered insights. Verify income, liabilities and build credit reports with actionable insights from Nordigen.


Use-case: Lending

Grow your lending business with account data powered insights

Quickly and easily detect credit liabilities and behavioural patterns. Used by global banks, lenders, brands and fintechs.

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We built an analytics layer on top of raw account data that helps lenders automate income verification and check other risk-critical factors, such as active liabilities, or spending behaviour.

We started Nordigen with a simple idea: to help lenders approve more creditworthy customers. Despite powerful analytics tools, lenders everywhere are still struggling to understand how creditworthy a loan applicant really is.


IPF Digital increase approval rate by 15% with Nordigen income verification engine.

Nordigen helps us evaluate our client’s actual situation so that we can make even more responsible decisions.
— IPF Digital Latvia Country Manager Artis Mēness.
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Verify income

Verify income for accurate financial decisions, instantly. Income verification describes client income sources, income type and income trends (stability and regularity) as well as future predictions on client’s income.

Value: Quickly and easily detect income sources, regularity and stability. Used by global banks, lenders, brands and fintechs.
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Monitor loan repayments

Credit bureaus don't always provide the full picture of a person's liabilities, either due to restrictions in legislation or delays in lender reports. Account data allows you to identify all incoming and outgoing loan payments, including loans not registered at credit bureaus.

Value: Better insights on actual liabilities, and can provide the missing data required to score or pre-score customers.
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Pre-approve loans

Account data insights provide context about customers previously defined as “high risk”. Nordigen’s Lending product suite helps identify reasons for previously overdue loan payments or transfers on behalf of family members, making it easier to pre-approve loans.

Value: Reject fewer loan applicants due to misleading information from credit bureaus.
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Increase Lending Speed

Nordigen’s account data analytics engine helps loan specialists process applications within seconds.  

Value: Increase lending process speed, saving time and resources.
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Transaction Categorisation


Verify identity 

KYC (Know Your Customer) allows financial institutions to verify customers’ personal data, using information from their online banking. The KYC output provides different types of personal data in a standardised, unified form.

Value: Quick and easy KYC checks using open banking data.
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Evaluate “thin-file” customers

Lenders wishing to understand the true creditworthiness of their customers can leverage open banking and assess customer information beyond a credit report.

Value: Approving more loans.
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