Approve all creditworthy customers

Approve all creditworthy customers

Approve more creditworthy customers

with the power of bank account information

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Build the ideal credit report

Get access to customer account data and build detailed analysis of customer behaviour - the power or account information is yours.

Our solutions allow you to:




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Available for 12+ geographies.
Cloud and on-site. ISO 27001 certified.


Transaction Categorisation API


Behavioural Scoring API


On-site Suite for Banks


We make account data easy to use.

So you can focus on building value.

Account data is rich of risk-critical information but extracting this information is hard. In fact, data preparation can be the most time-consuming part of building any transaction-based decision rules or scoring models. To help analytics teams move faster, our solutions take care of the messy part - categorisation and feature engineering. 


In the middle of it all.

Our solution is typically used by banks and lenders that wish to use their existing transaction data in lending decisions.


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