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Approve more creditworthy customers with the power of bank account information


Harness the power of Open Banking data

Use Nordigen for income verification and risk behaviour identification.


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Account aggregation (coming soon)
Access account data by plugging in to Open Banking
Transaction categorisation
Identify income, liabilities and 100+ other transaction categories
Behaviour identification
Advanced insights to better credit decisions

Use cases


Verify income


Nordigen categorisation saves us significant time in contrast to finding out what each transaction means on our own.”

Read the full case study here


Assess liabilities


BigBank improves the accuracy of identifying risk-critical insights by 40% using Nordigen transaction categorisation API”

Read the full case study here


Build decision rules


Nordigen variables related to loans and financial customer services are consistently found to be top predictors according to the feature importance analysis”

Read the full case study here


Nordigen is a global account data analytics solution helping banks and lenders improve the speed and accuracy of their credit decisions