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Insights / Marketing Analytics

Identify client segments, brand affiliations and life stages.


Insights / Marketing Analytics

Identify client segments, brand affiliations and life stages

The most innovative global banks, lenders, brands and fintechs use account transaction data to understand their customers and offer ideal financial products.

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How it works

Marketing Analytics insights contain information on which segments a client belongs to, what brands they’re affiliated with and what life stage a client is in. Marketing insights distinguish 10 different life phases, 20 life events, 10 segments, and numerous brand affiliations. 

Supported across all countries where account data aggregation is available.

Why use it?

Brand affiliations allow you to accurately associate people with their favourite brands, thus allowing to create specifically targeted offers.

The partition of life events and segmentation is universally customisable, regardless of the industry or the use case.




Marketing Analytics reveals the life phases, life events and brand affiliations that can be identified from a customer's transaction data, and what segments the client belongs to based on their spending habits.

{“life_phases”: {“family”: {“is_married”: False,“has_children”: True},“work”: {“is_employed”: True,“is_unemployed”: False},“education” {“studying_in_school”: False}}}{“life_events”: {“family”: {“a_child_is_born”: True,},“work”: {“changed_a_job”: True}}{“brand_affiliations”: {“Entertainment”: [{“name”: “Netflix”“occurrences”: 20},{“name”: “Apple Music”“occurrences”: 30}]}{“segmentation”: {“traveling”: {“activity_in_category”:{“transactions_30_days”: 1,“amount_30_days”: 1000,“average_number_of_transactions_3_months”: 3,“average_amount_3_months”: 3000,“average_number_of_transactions_12_months”: 12,“average_amount_12_months”: 9000},“segments”: {“frequent_traveler”: True}}}}Output example:

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