Nordigen for Startups:
Programme Terms


Nordigen for Startups is a programme by  Nordigen to help European tech startups and entrepreneurs to launch products and build applications using open banking technologies.


Programme overview

  • Programme start date: June 9th, 2021
  • Programme end date: September 30th, 2021
  • Programme is free of charge
  • Programme credits are valid for 12 months (from your start date)
  • €10,000 worth of credits for using Nordigen Premium products


Application criteria

  • You're new to Nordigen and the program
  • You have an active Nordigen account (less 3 months old)
  • Your startup is less than 10 years old
  • You're funded by at least one of these organisations
  • You're building an application where you can use open banking technologies


Which Nordigen products are included in the programme

  • Account Information (Free forever) - access to bank account data in Europe with more than 1,000 live bank connections.
  • Transaction Categorisation (Premium) - automatically categorise raw bank transactions via an API
  • Insights (Premium) - turn raw banking data in to actionable data points for Personal Finance, Lending and other use-cases


Credits for Premium products

All participants of the programme receive €10,000 worth of credits to use Nordigen Premium products free of charge. Usage is tracked using Nordigen's dashboard and following our standard Pricing policy


How do I apply?

1. Sign up to Nordigen's free Open Banking platform here.

2. Activate your credits by reaching out to

3. Start building!

Get started now!

No trial period. No credit card. Free forever.