What is Nordigen?

Nordigen is an authorised Account Information Service Provider. We act as a gateway that lets you securely share your bank account data with other financial providers, so that you can receive better and more tailored services.

Nordigen has partnered with hundreds of service providers, helping their customers conveniently share their data from more than 2,100 banks across Europe.

What is PSD2?

PSD2 is a directive for electronic payment services, implemented by the European Commission.

The idea behind it is to help modernise European payment and account information services, to introduce security standards to better protect your information and give you control over who has access to your data.

How does PSD2 work?

PSD2 requires financial institutions to build and maintain secure infrastructure that allows you to freely share your data with other service providers with your consent.

Authorised parties like Nordigen sit in between you, your service provider and your bank, and our role is to ensure that your information travels between them securely.

Is it safe to use PSD2 solutions?

Yes. In fact, PSD2 connections are the only method to securely share your account data with other providers. Nordigen uses only official PSD2-regulated bank connections, to ensure that your financial data is safe and personal details are encrypted.

Nordigen’s information security management system is ISO 27001 certified, meaning there are specific processes in place to add an extra layer of information security.

Neither your service provider, nor Nordigen can view your bank login credentials, or can make any movements with your money.

What information will Nordigen see and how will it be processed?

Information is collected from your bank account following your consent. Account information may include: your name, account number and balance, transaction information and other information from your bank account.

In addition, Nordigen may perform data cleansing, categorisation, enrichment and similar processing activities on the information shared if your chosen service provider requires it to provide you with services.
Nordigen does not sell your data or use it for direct marketing purposes.

API docs

This document explains how to integrate with Nordigen API to connect to your users’ bank account and access account information from bank PSD2 APIs.