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List of the best freemium B2B services 2021

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Asking a prospective client to pay for an online product or service before even using it is absurd. People are bombarded with information, offers, ads and sales pitches on a daily basis so getting them to convert to paying customers takes a lot more than a great ad.

We know what you’re thinking: “What about a free trial?” Sure, that’s a great way to get them through the door but it’s still not a realistic representation of what your service can do for them. People no longer buy products, they buy brands and that means they need to spend time with your solution in order to trust it, in order to make the buying decision.

Two weeks or a month trial is not enough time to familiarize themselves with the service, iron out any challenges they might face and most importantly, start using it in a meaningful way. By the time the service starts adding value, they are being asked to pay a monthly or yearly fee on a service they are still unsure about.

This is where the freemium model comes into play.


What’s the freemium pricing model?

Freemium as a word is the amalgamation of the words free and premium. The freemium pricing model gives access to a basic product or service for free. How does a company make money if they offer their product or service for free? What happens most of the time is that companies develop features, additional paid tools and services that diversify and expand the capabilities of the main product.

If people trust the product or service, they will invest their funds in empowering and strengthening it by buying the add-ons or paid plans. Today, we’ll list some of the best B2B freemium products and services on the market.


Nordigen - Open Banking

Let’s start with Nordigen. Access to open banking APIs used to come with a hefty fee associated with it which businesses were happy to pay because of the immense value brought by the open banking infrastructure. We wanted to change that.

By introducing the freemium model, Nordigen breaks down the financial barrier to entry used to be associated with open banking solutions, democratising  the sector by allowing businesses to use the technology for free. We wanted to give true meaning to the word “open” making open banking truly open to those who want to use it. As far as services that we actually charge for, our team has worked hard to build add-on services that can turn raw transactions into categorised data, help see credit scores, loan, risk and income insights and many more.


Zoom - Video Call/Conference

The pandemic was one of the toughest, most challenging periods in recent memory but like with every global crisis in human history, some managed to rise from the ashes. One of the major winners of the pandemic was Zoom, the proprietary video teleconferencing software program.

With video-conferencing leading the way in global business even as we are gradually transitioning to the post-Covid era, Zoom is one of the most trusted solutions on the market. Their freemium pricing model allows users to host virtual meeting rooms with 100 concurrent participants, and a 40-minute time restriction. 

Paid plans offer features such as recording transcripts, company branding, cloud storage, lifted time restrictions and more participants.


GitHub - Software Development

On April 14, 2020, GitHub announced that all of the core GitHub features were free for everyone. Why would the largest code host in the world, with 40 million users and more than 190 million repositories as of 2020, decide to make such a move?

Because freemium is not a trend but simply a more efficient way of doing business. Users usually want to jump straight into using a product, avoiding the frustration and credit card hesitation associated with buying a product. Offering a free basic plan is just an easier way to reach them.


MailChimp - Email Automation

No matter the sector or size of a company, email marketing is one of the most critical business functions. MailChimp, the company holding over 60% share of the email industry, offers a free plan for companies who have a database of less than 2,000 contacts. This plan is ideal for companies who are just starting out and will gradually build their email list.


Buffer - Social Media Automation

You create a beautiful social media post and you’re ready to go live with it. You start opening tabs and connecting to the different platforms you need to post - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It takes time to complete, as you need to repurpose the content and make sure you follow character count and guidelines for each platform. Buffer decided to put an end to it, giving users the opportunity to create one post, schedule it, and see it posted on multiple platforms at once.

The freemium plan allows users to plug in up to 3 social media channels with 10 scheduled posts per social channel. Automating and streamlining your social media workflow is key for success. Buffer offers new businesses the opportunity to get started for free and transition to their paid plan once there is a need for more content, more posts, and more accounts.


Trello - Project Management

Trello is one of the most popular project management and productivity apps, helping teams collaborate, manage projects, and track progress. Their freemium package is one of the most generous there is in the market offering features such as:

  • Unlimited cards
  • Unlimited members
  • Up to 10 boards per Workspace
  • Unlimited Power-Ups per board
  • Unlimited storage (10MB/file)
  • And more

This is a perfect example of using the freemium model to earn the trust of prospective customers and converting them into paying ones down the line. Trello helps businesses grow and become more productive. It becomes an indispensable tool in their success making it easier to trust it and ultimately pay for it.

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