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The world’s first and only Airtable finance platform Fintable partners with European open banking platform Nordigen to leverage open banking data and offer a no-code tool that enables quick analysis of comprehensive open banking data for both personal customers and businesses. No-code means no need to hire developers to connect to open-banking APIs or build finance tools which take time to code. Fintable is used by individuals who want to see their banking data in one place as well as fintechs that depend on real time transaction data to power critical parts of their business.

“I’ve worked with many open banking data providers in the United States and Europe and Nordigen by far has been the easiest and simplest to integrate. Nordigen has also unlocked new use-cases and pricing plans that were not possible before. Thanks to their free tier and data enhancement option, we are now able to use a freemium business model and offer a free-tier to our customers as well as AI-powered insights to those who want to pay for more. Nordigen has made many things possible for us that weren't before and I look forward to strengthening the partnership with a key player in the open banking supply chain!” says Isa Hasenko, Founder and CEO of Fintable.

Using Nordigen’s API, Fintable allows their customers to access open banking data, without needing any coding expertise. As a result, Fintable is able to offer automatic syncing, historical archive, client dashboards, and transaction data analysis using their no-code tool. Whether customers have business workflows that revolve around real time transactions, or they just want to verify a third-parties income for lending purposes, Fintable makes it possible. Nordigen’s API is fully PSD2 compliant, so Fintable customers will also benefit from a safe and secure connection to their open banking data, as they will never be asked to share their bank credentials with third parties.

“Fintable and Nordigen share a similar vision- free open banking data access for everyone. Fintable has the goal to become the quickest and easiest no-code tool that uses open banking data, and I’m excited that our solution is helping them do so.” says Rolands Mesters, CEO and cofounder of Nordigen.


About Fintable

Fintable is a "no-code" tool that enables customers to quickly analyze open banking data in a spreadsheet, without writing code. Launched only in February 2021, Fintable has grown rapidly over the past 8 months to connect 1300+ bank accounts, analyzing transactions worth a combined $500 million US dollars since launching only 8 months ago. The company is used by fintechs who rely on real time transaction data to power critical parts of their business as well as investors, accounting firms, and personal finance clients who want to quickly see their banking data in one place- Fintable makes it easy for customers to access their own data.


About Nordigen

Nordigen is a freemium open banking platform that provides free access to open banking data and premium data insights. Nordigen's free API connects to more than 2,000 banks in Europe and serves fintech companies and developers in 31 European countries, including the UK. Nordigen is a licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP), regulated by the The Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia and authorised in 31 European countries.

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