Open Banking in Denmark

What is the current status of Open Banking in Denmark?

It comes as no surprise that as one of the countries making up the pan-Nordic P27 initiative and a well-established online/mobile banking infrastructure, Denmark is well-prepared for Open Banking

To give you some context, according to the latest Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Denmark ranks among the leaders in digital public services, with the highest score of all Member States on open data. According to the Mastercard Open Banking Readiness Index, 95% of Denmark households have Internet access.

Interesting stats about OB potential in Denmark

What will the future of Open Banking look like in Denmark?

Last year, IT service provider, BEC entered into a new partnership with the leading open banking platform Nordic API Gateway. The collaboration is set to enable 27 banks in Denmark with open banking services, giving access to more than 2.1 million bank customers. It’s evident that the country is going above and beyond to commercialise open banking technology.