Bank Selection UI

This guide explaind how to create end user facing UI to select end users bank.

Step 1: Find Banks

First, you'll need to get your token from the Nordigen's Open Banking Portal, and querry aspsp endpoint to get a list of all avialable ASPSPs (banks) in a given country.


Step 2: Create UI element

You need to create a UI or any other selection mechanism for finding an end users bank. Commonly an end user is given a choice of supported banks by Nordigen in a given country to choose from.

Below is a style guide which is based on best practices.


  1. Inform the end user what they should do. Include additional support text if necessary.
  2. Show available banks. Considerations:
    • Instead of listing, show banks in grid form
    • Show both logo and a name of a bank
    • Sort banks in alphabetical order or by popularity
  3. Add a bank search bar for better UX
  4. Apply your own colour palette that fits with rest of your application

Step 3: Add ASPSP ID association

Once an end user selects their bank account, the right ASPSP ID needs to be passed in requisition for building a link for an end user to follow to.