Transaction categorisation
for improved credit scoring

Simple API for categorising transactions
in JSON, PDF and other formats

Nordigen are graduates of Nordea Startup AcceleratorNordigen are winners of Rietumu Bank Fintech Challenge


Credit scoring deserves good data.

Transactions combined with traditional scoring variables have proved to help credit scoring models decrease bad credit losses by 6-23%. Some transactions are more important than others, and this is where you need transaction categorisation to help you identify the critical data points.


Transactions in.
Categories out.

Our transaction categorisation engine allows processing transaction files in PDF, CSV, XLS, XML and JSON and receive neatly structured JSON files as output. You can connect to our API (REST-based via HTTPS) or use our web drag’n’drop solution.

Focused on risk-critical transactions.

We use a machine learning combined with experience in credit scoring to reach 95% categorisation rate on all risk-critical transactions, which outperforms existing keyword matching techniques. Request a pilot to test our categorisation with real data.

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