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Unleash the power of transactions.

Banks have a lot of transaction data - transfer and payment details from their customer current accounts and card accounts as well as all the information new customers submit, including bank statements from other banks. This data is often trapped within data warehouses, databases and computers, yet it contains a lot of meaning, actionable and even critical insights for multiple departments, including Credit Risk, Customer Care as well as Customer Anlytics or CRM.

Our clients include Citadele and LHV banks in Northern Europe.

Nordigen On-site Analytics Suite was built to help banks use transaction data across departments and with ease. This includes, powerful tools for transaction categorisation for private customer and SME data, feature engineering for credit scoring as well as insights for pre-scoring, loan applicant screening and segmentation. 

On-site Analytics Suite is deployed on bank's servers, which ensures full compliance, and we use the powerful Docker technology to make sure the solution can be set up quickly and is compatible with bank's existing architecture.


Analytics Suite includes



Private individuals or SMEs, the engine is able to identify the purpose of a transaction using the description field of the transaction and assign any of the 150+ categories. 
The engine comes pre-trained and does not require additional training.


behaviour identification engine

The engine is able to identify 1000+ risk-critical behaviours within every bank statement. 

New behaviours are constantly developed by Nordigen team and tested within Nordigen cloud ecosystem.


Transaction-based behavioural scoring

The engine is able to identify the most predictive behaviours and turn them in to a score.

This gives credit modelling teams the power of transaction-based behaviours without the need to invest time in building behavioural models. 



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Income identification

Automate analysis of bank statements or customer accounts

Credit scoring and modelling

Identify new predictive behaviours and improve model accuracy

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Identify low-risk customers using only transaction history

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Customer analytics

Segment customer based on 150+ new characteristics

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Banking is changing.

Access to transaction data is becoming a commodity. Most innovative banks are already investing transaction-based analytics.


Analytics Suite is ready to deploy today.
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