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Verify the true credit risk of your customers, evaluate thin-file customers.

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Faster and more accurate credit decisions

The most innovative global banks, lenders, brands and fintechs use account transaction data to understand how creditworthy their customers really are.



Credit decisions require high quality data about the customer's income, liabilities, and other risk factors. Collecting this data is often difficult.


Use open banking data to get income, loan, and spending behaviour data to make a thorough assessment of your customer's financial health.

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Income verification

Verify income for accurate financial decisions, instantly. Income verification describes customer income sources, income type and income trends (stability and regularity), as well as future predictions on their income.
Value: Quickly and easily detect income sources, regularity and stability.
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Thin-file customer evaluation

Lenders wishing to understand the true creditworthiness of their customers can leverage open banking data and evaluate customer information beyond a traditional credit bureau data. Verify current income and the most recent loan payments, all in one place.
Value: Approving more loans.
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Check credit history

Credit history checks show an overview of all past and current loans, based on the loan payments and received loan transactions. Lenders and fintechs can use credit checks to evaluate the creditworthiness of potential and existing customers.
Value: Full overview of the customers' real-time liabilities and recent loan repayments.
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Improve scoring models

Finding the most predictive data points in transaction data is key to improving scoring models. When combined with other data sources, it can help to optimize approval and default rates, and other scoring metrics.
Value: Approve more creditworthy applicants.
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