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Identify customer segments and their brand affiliations.

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Harness the power of open banking

The most innovative global banks, lenders, brands and fintechs use account transaction data to win customers for life, by understanding their needs and offering tailored financial products.



Global banks, lenders, and fintechs want to leverage open banking to help them better segment and target their customers.


Accurately categorised account data can help financial service providers offer their clients relevant, timely and enticing products.

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Customer segmentation

Identify which client segment your customers belong to based on their transaction data. Marketing insights distinguish 10 customers segments that help you target your clients with relevant and timely offers.
Value: Targeted product and service up-sells for customer retention and acquisition.
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Brand affiliations

Customer transaction data contains valuable information about the brands they consume. When properly categorised, these insights can help financial institutions target them with relevant and timely brand offers. Nordigen's Marketing Insights distinguish numerous brand affiliations.
Value: Targeted product and service offers for customer retention and acquisition.
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