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2300+ banks covered by our API and constantly growing

Worry free set-up with dedicated integration and onboarding support

Safe and PSD2 compliant in more than 31 European countries

Lending with certainty has never been easier

Make decisions faster

Verify income, assess affordability and detect potential risk factors in real time using the power of open banking data

Increase acceptance rates

Identify and approve more of the good customers by having a deeper insight into applicant financial situation

Reduce costs and manual work

Get additional help from our add-ons to reduce costs and decrease manual work by automizing loan decision processes.

Reduce loan default rates

Get a full-fledged risk overview and flag riskier customers to limit exposure to potential loan defaults

Choose a feature package that suits your needs

Starter (Free)

Account information

Account details, balances, and transaction data history (up to 24 months) at the tip of your fingers. Extract valuable insights and say hello to minimised losses and reduced risks.

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Nordigen Premium

Income and affordability verification


Understanding what each transaction means is a cumbersome task. Let us do the heavy lifting and contextualise every transaction, while giving you full control over how you use the detailed information.

Counterparty Identification

Perfectly understand customer transactions, identifying potential competitor business transactions, and receive additional information on location, website, and logotype. Guarantee control of what you need in every use case.

Income and Affordability Verification

It’s not easy to determine if a customer can effectively afford a credit line. The process can be made much more reliable by accessing additional information on income type, source, regularity, and disposable income.

Credit Identification

Have all the information you need to learn customers’ loan history by type and source on hand. Avoid these applications easily and reliably.

Risk identification

Bad habits can jeopardise repayments. Identify gambling transactions, paid fines, and low balance events from the beginning to avoid guesswork and mitigate risk to the maximum.

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Nordigen Premium Add-ons

Lending and banking

Agent dashboard

Decrease manual work with our Dashboard, plug and work with our data whenever you need to

Custom consent journey

Control the UI of consent process and optimize it towards conversions

Custom user journey (no-code)

If you don't have the capability to build the journey yourself, we can host the user journey for you. Share your Company name, Logo, description and you are done. Use with Agent dashboard for best results.

Advanced support

Get additional support after the onboarding process and get your issues in high priority

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How it works

With Nordigen Account Information API you get free access to raw account data from banks. With Nordigen Premium for your lending business, you get cleaned & easy to interpret account information, categorised transactions according to purpose, enriched merchant level information for further insights. Read more in our documentation.

Raw data

Cleaned, categorised, enriched data