Empower freelancers and businesses of all sizes by making management of company finances easy, convenient and transparent with Nordigen's open banking platform.

Take your efficiency to a higher level by accessing a complete overview of company's finances in one place.

How can Nordigen help?

How it works


Enable automated bank account sync

Give users the option to connect their bank accounts via regulated bank APIs. Retrieve historical transactions and refresh data up to 4 times per day with continuous 90-day access.


Fetch clean, categorised and enriched data

Use products from our premium suite to clean raw bank data, categorise and enrich payments on the transaction level, and identify patterns in company financial behaviour.


Simplify account reconciliation company finance management for your customers

Provide users with a clear picture of their financial habits, and encourage them to take steps towards a better financial future. Combine this with relevant offers and rewards to increase engagement.


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GDPR compliant

Nordigen is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Licensed AISP

Authorised Account Information Service Provider, registered in Latvia

ISO certified

Nordigen is ISO 27001 certified