Transaction Categorisation

Turn raw transactions into categorised data. Build lending tools, credit models or PFM apps.

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High quality output

Our categorisation solution can recognise hundreds of income and expense transaction categories. Trained on millions of transactions. Monitored and updated daily.

Great coverage

Live in 19 markets, including UK, Europe, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Continuously retrained to identify new merchants, transaction types and payment behaviours.

Seamless integration

Compatible with all major open banking providers and bank data formats. Built for credit scoring, lending and PFM use-cases.

curl -X PUT \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
  "operations": ["categorisation"],
  "country": "uk"

Identify income and expense transactions

Our Transaction Categorisation solution is trained to recognise the main purpose of each transactions, based on its description, amount, date and contextual metadata

Product use cases

A multi-purpose transaction categorisation solution. Supports all major open banking use-cases.


Build better customer engagement tools. Identify frequent purchases and subscriptions.


Identify income and active liabilities with higher accuracy. Approve more loans. Reduce credit risk.

Buy now, pay later

Streamline customer approval process. Reduce friction in customer risk verification.

Personal finance

Build a user experience that creates new habits. Identify more earning and spending patterns with higher accuracy.

Loan broker

Improve customer screening. Match your customers with the right lenders with greater efficiency.

Bigbank App

Made with Nordigen

From idea to production in days not months. Loved by fintechs. Trusted by banks.


An international bank, with personalised products. Bigbank automated income verification process using bank statements, in partnership with Nordigen
Citadele is on a mission to become the primary bank of choice for customers across the Baltics. Together with Nordigen it automated bank statement screening during loan applications to streamline its lending process.
SPARQ is a personal finance platform that uses gamification to improve financial literacy. SPARQ leverages Nordigen categorisation capabilities to launch their personal finance platform.

Built for growth

Thousands of R&D hours wrapped in a simple API that works at scale. From general-purpose transaction categorisation to custom-built and personalised transaction tagging. From cloud to on-premise. Whatever your requirements, we got you covered.

up to 95%

Categorisation coverage


Average Precision


Supported markets


Multi-level categories


Open banking /
PSD2 data

We're compatible with all major open banking providers and their most popular data formats.

Current account
and credit card data

We're compatible with internal bank data and transaction information from payment providers.

User-provided bank statements

We're compatible with user-submitted data formats, including bank statements and online bank exports

Security & compliance

We take good care of your data. We're an authorised Account Information Service Provider by Financial and Capital Market Commission in Latvia and regulated by GDPR.

Regulated AISP - Account Information Service Provider
ISO 27001 certified, regulated by GDPR
Data securely processed in Europe on AWS

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