Detect credit liabilities with Loans Insights

Loans Insights depict tendencies and estimations of your customers' overall liabilities.

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Detailed loan activity

Loans Insights provide detailed information on the applicant’s loan activity, segregating various loan types and lenders.

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Monitor loan repayments

Loans Insights allow to identify all incoming and outgoing loan payments, including loans not registered at credit bureaus.

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Advanced insights

Identify reasons for previously overdue loan payments or transfers on behalf of family members, making it easier to pre-approve loans.

Loans Insights

A thorough overview of loan activity

All loan activity insights are based on the applicants' account data.

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For now, our Transaction Categorisation engine is calibrated for 17 countries: USA, UK, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Brazil, Indonesia, and India. If the country you need is not listed in our present coverage, please contact our team!

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TF Bank accurately identifies up to 35% more high-risk loan applicants in Latvia with Nordigen

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Nordigen has helped European lender Creditstar achieve a 5.6 percentage point GINI improvement in Spain

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