Financial data analytics

Use Nordigen platform to make better lending and marketing decisions.

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Secure system

For the sake of security and scalability all Nordigen products are deployed on Amazon Web Services. Servers located in Dublin, Ireland.

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Good documentation

We’ve written a step-by-step quickstart guide, so you don’t have to go through an extensive documentation to jump start your integration with Nordigen.

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Technical support

Our support team consists of developers, so you are in good hands in case you need any technical asistance.

Use Nordigen dashboard to turn raw account data into valuable insights

All-in-one integration for data acquisition and data analytics.

transaction categorisationcustomer survey


Contextualize and extract value from bank statements.

account aggregationsecure server


Obtain account data by making use of open banking.

kyclive collaboration


Verify your customers’ identities, using information from their online banking.

insightsfile searching


Use descriptive information from bank statements to calculate predictive information layers.

Seamless integration

Valuable insights are just a few steps away

Our self-service dashboard allows you easily integrate with Nordigen API.

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Create your account

The sign-up for dashboard is super simple. It will give you access to Nordigen products in no time.

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Upload a bank statement

We support uploading various formats of bank statements via RESTful API.

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Get financial insights

After uploading a statement, you'll be able to choose which Nordigen insights you'd like to apply.

See what our customers have to say.

Here are a few nice things our customers have said about using Nordigen.

“Nordigen variables related to loans and financial customer services are consistently found to be top predictors according to the feature importance analysis.”

Mykola Herasymovych, Principal Data Scientist

“We know how complex and expensive it is to build and maintain a categorisation engine internally, so we use Nordigen in our applicant screening processes.”

open banking

A global adoption of
open banking

We enable greater financial transparency and financial inclusion via Open Banking. Shifting the data ownership from banks to actual account holders not only will put people in control of their personal data at banks but also allow to use that data to their own advantage.

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