Turn raw, uncategorised transactions into clear, actionable data points.

Tools available

Transform a mix of raw information into organised data. Toggle on and off tools including merchant enrichment, data cleaning and categorisation, statistical insights and scoring.

Our Insight & Analytics products help you get more value from your transaction data.

Simple integration

Easily and quickly select product integrations with a click of a button in our user-friendly developer OB portal. Flexible pay-per-use pricing options.

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Banks structure and format account owner data differently, sometimes including additional information in the same field, such as product names.

Our account owner tool helps clean irrelevant data and pinpoint specific account owner details. Compatible with 70% of our connected banks.


Unifies reporting styles across banks to create a universal format for transaction types, making categorization and analysis more straightforward.

It processes the end-user’s account information, and identifies the type and purpose of transaction by analysing details and contextual metadata.


Extract merchant name, transaction type and invoice numbers from large description fields with ease.

Receive clean merchant category codes and classify businesses, easily distinguishing types of services and products being sold.


Easily measure client’s risk levels with Scoring.

Built using Nordigen’s risk modelling features, the tool provides ratings based on how likely a client is to repay loans through income verification and account data analysis.


Identify patterns within data. Find transaction regularity, matches and anomalies.

Discover outliers and analyse transactional data in more depth.


Transform a jumble of transactions into tidy, structured data with our powerful API.

Enhance gathered data with merchant information, logos, contact details and more through additional integrations.

Industries for insights


Build better customer engagement tools. Identify frequent purchases and subscriptions.


Identify income and active liabilities with higher accuracy. Approve more loans. Reduce credit risk.

Buy now, pay later

Streamline the customer approval process. Reduce friction in customer risk verification.

Personal finance

Build a user experience that creates new habits. Identify more earning and spending patterns with higher accuracy.

Loan broker

Improve customer screening. Match your customers with the right lenders with greater efficiency.

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API docs

This document explains how to integrate with Nordigen API to connect to your users’ bank account and access account information from bank PSD2 APIs.