Connect to bank accounts and get raw transaction data. Free access to regulated banking data in Europe.

Free account history

Access the last 3-24 months of account information from major European banks, free of charge

Free 90-day access

Get up to 90 days of continuous access to bank account without reauthorisation.

PSD2 compliant

Nordigen (Nordigen Solutions Ltd.) is an authorised Account Information Service Provider.

Get bank data with consent using real bank APIs

Nordigen aggregates regulated bank APIs with major European banks in a single API. Access user name, bank account number and historic transactions with their consent.

Product use cases

Digital identity verification. Onboarding automation. Multi-banking. Credit risk. Income verification. We support all major open banking use cases.


Build more engaging experiences. Aggregate your customer accounts in one place.


Automatically retrieve last 3-12 months of transaction data. Verify income and active loans.

Buy now, pay later

Streamline customer approval process. Reduce friction in customer risk verification.

Personal finance

Build a user experience that creates new habits. Connect to your customer bank accounts, keep access for 90 days.

Loan broker

Automatically retrieve last 3-12 months of transaction data. Verify income automatically while keeping high conversion rates.

Built for developers

Connecting to major European bank APIs is time consuming. We aggregate these APIs so you don't have to.

Account history

Access to account history, up to 24 months

90-day access

Continuous 90-day access to account information

All account types

Access to Personal and Business accounts

31 countries

Available in Europe and UK, connections with major banks

PSD2 only

No screen-scraping, no storing of user credentials

Build your UI

Fully customisable end-user experience, no "widgets"


Compatible with web and native mobile apps

Free to use

No usage fees

Why our solution is free?

We connect to

Banks in Europe provide free access to banking data via open APIs. We connect to these APIs.

Banks do the

PSD2 regulates that banks build functional, reliable and well-documented banking data APIs.

Premium insights
and services

For customers that want more from their banking data, we provide premium insights.


Our Account Information solution is available in 31 markets.

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Security and compliance

We take good care of your data. We're an authorised Account Information Service Provider by Financial and Capital Market Commission in Latvia and regulated by GDPR.

Regulated Account Information Service Provider
ISO 27001 certified, regulated by GDPR
Data securely processed on Amazon Web Services

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