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Why businesses choose Nordigen

as an alternative to Tink

Familiar features

Nordigen provides access to private and business bank accounts across Europe. Transaction histories and continuous 90-day access - all in a simple API.

Regulated Service

Nordigen is a licensed AISP and connects to official bank APIs across Europe. We use only regulated PSD2 integrations. We never store end-user login credentials.

Nordigen is Free

Our open banking data API is completely free with unlimited use - no commitments or hidden fees. Tink does not offer a free open banking API.

Pricing that won't break your bank

If high fees and fixed commitments aren't your thing, try Nordigen.



for 20,000 monthly users




for 20,000 monthly users

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Great value for (zero) money

Compare Tink products vs. Nordigen products




Access to account history



90-day continuous access



Licensed AISP




31 countries

22 countries

Connect to Private accounts



Connect to Business accounts



Connectivity type

Only official PSD2 APIs

Non-official bank APIs, PSD2 APIs


Access to account history


0.30 EUR per aggregation

90-day continuous access


0.50 EUR / user / month

Secretly powerful

A simple API that connects with major European banks

Access Personal & Business accounts

Compatible with Web & Mobile apps

Customisable user-facing interface

Free to use, no hidden fees

High uptime, ensured by banks

Why our solution is free

We connect to PSD2 APIs

Banks in Europe provide free access to banking data via open APIs. We connect to these APIs.

Banks do the heavy-lifting

PSD2 regulates that banks build functional, reliable and well-documented banking data APIs.

Premium insights and services

For customers that want more from their banking data, we provide premium insights.

Frequently asked questions

In which countries is Nordigen available?

Nordigen has passported it's AISP licence to 29 countries in the European Economic Area. To see full country coverage, visit this page

Nordigen allows businesses to gain consented access to Private and Business account information, which includes: account holder's name, account number (IBAN), transaction history of the current account (up to 24 months), continuous access to current account transactions for 90 days without additional consent. 

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