Quickstarstart Guide

Without Using Aggregation Widget

This document explains how to jump start your integration with Nordigen API, if you are not using our aggregation widget; namely, you already have precollected data that you would like to process.

Step 1: Getting Access Token

First you'll need to get your client_id and client_secret from the Nordigen API Dashboard. Run this command in the terminal (NB: make sure you change YOUR_ID and YOUR_SECRET with the ones you got from the Dashboard):

The response you'll receive after running the command given above:

Step 2: Getting Request ID

Download the example.json file and save it in the directory from which you are making the request. Run this command (NB: change YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with the one you got in the previous response):

In response you'll get:

Step 3: Making a Request

Change YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with the one you got in response after completing Step 1; change REQUEST_ID with the one you got in the previous response after completing Step 2, and run this command (NB: each statement that you process has its unique REQUEST_ID):

In response you'll receive:

Step 4: Getting Results

Change YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with the one you used in the previous request and REQUEST_ID with one you got in previous response, and run this command:

In response you'll get a categorised statement: