Transaction Categorisation

Operation keyword: categorisation

Categorisation product identifies the type and purpose of a transaction, based on its description, transaction amount, date, and contextual metadata. Based on the country, the product categorises incoming and outgoing transactions into 120+ categories with high accuracy.
To see the category tree (i.e. full category list) available in your country, visit the section ENDPOINTS and follow the instructions on retrieving the categories list.

Request Flow

To use this product via API, see the Endpoints section "report" and go through the following steps:
  1. Upload the statetment(s);
  2. Apply operations (see the operation keyword);
  3. Get results.

Response Example

Key Descriptions

accountsArray of account objectsA ist of bank account objects
bankStringName of an account holder's bankYes
countryStringName of an account holder's transactions countryYes
currenciesStringA list of currency objects
codeStringCurrency codeYes
credit_turnoverFloatThe amount of money spent since the first transaction until the last oneYes
debit_turnoverFloatThe amount of money gained since the first transaction until the last oneYes
end_balanceFloatBalance parsed after all of the transactionsYes
start_balanceFloatBalance parsed at the beginningYes
transactionsArray of transaction objectsA list of transaction objectsYes
amountFloatThe amount of money earned/spent
category_idIntegerCategory ID assigned by the categorisation engine
titleStringTitle assigned by the categorisation engine
dateString YYYY-MM-DDTransaction's date field
infoStringTransaction's description fieldYes
transaction_idStringTransaction's ID, read from Nordigen json format input data onlyYes
partnerStringTransaction's counterparty name field (e.g. the company's name where you made the purchase from)Yes
holdersArray of account holder objectsA list of an account holdersYes
nameStringThe account holder's nameYes
is_joint_ownershipBooleanAn indicator of whether the uploaded statement has joint account transactionsYes
is_shared_ownershipBooleanAn indicator of whether the uploaded statement has shared (multiple) account transactionsYes
period_endString YYYY-MM-DDDate of the last parsed transactionYes
period_startString YYYY-MM-DDDate of the first parsed transactionYes
category_tree_versionStringVersion of the category tree applied
statusStringProcessing record state
typeStringRedundant field, it will be removed in the next iteration