Premium layer is a paid product built on top of the free account information layer. It provides enrichment on transaction level data. 

In case of technical or data related questions, please open a support request.

To enable premium product or in case of application or pricing questions, please contact sales@nordigen.com


Once Premium is enabled when using premium endpoints, the respective account information layer will be returned together with the premium layer. There is no need to separately use accounts endpoints in case premium endpoints are used.

In case Quickstart Guide is used for integration, one need only to switch accounts to premium endpoints in Step 6: Access accounts, balances, and transactions as provided below. 

Below is an example if premium product is enabled.

curl -X GET "https://ob.nordigen.com/api/v2/accounts/premium/065da497-e6af-4950-88ed-2edbc0577d20/transactions/" 
-H  "accept: application/json" 
-H  "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"


  "transactions": {
    "booked": [
	// Original output from bank starts	
        "transactionId": "2020111101899195-1",
        "transactionAmount": {
          "currency": "EUR",
          "amount": "2500.00"
        "bankTransactionCode": "TRNSF",
        "bookingDate": "2022-09-01",
        "valueDate": "2022-09-01",
        "remittanceInformationUnstructured": "Nordigen. Slry for August",
	// Original output from bank ends	
	// Output from premium product starts
        "enrichment": {
                "displayName": "Nordigen",
                "branchDisplayName": "",

                "location": {
                            "address": "Ģertrūdes iela 44a",
                            "city": "Riga",
                            "region": "Centra rajons",
                            "postalCode": "LV-1050",
                            "country": "LV",
                            "lat": 56.953200,
                            "lon": 24.128990,

                        "website": "https://nordigen.com/"
                        "favicon": "https://nordigen.com/favi"
                        "logo": "https://nordigen.com/logo"

                "transactionType" = "Transfer",

                "businessCategory" = [
                     "IT service provider",
                "businessCategoryId": "5195a082-d1de-4e11-82dd-02552fd91cd1",

                "purposeCategory" = [
                "purposeCategoryId": "046a4092-7222-4da8-b588-790571878c34"
	// Output from premium product ends



Key Descriptions

displayNameStringDisplay (clean) name of the counterparty
branchDisplayNameStringDisplay (clean) name of the counterparties' branch (if applicable)

Following structured items from address:

  • address: street address and home/flat number
  • city
  • region
  • postalCode
  • country: two letter 
  • lat: latitude coordinates
  • lon: longitude coordinates

URLs of:

  • website 
  • favicon
  • logo
transactionType    String

Transaction type. Available types:

  • ATM
businessCategoryListFull path business categories where the name of the assigned category is the last item on the list
businessCategoryIdStringUnique ID for business category
purposeCategoryListFull path purpose categories where the name of the assigned category is the last item on the list
purposeCategoryIdStringUnique ID for purpose category (corresponds to last item on the list of purposeCategory output)

Business and purpose category lists are available upon request. Please contact sales@nordigen.com