Account Transactions Output

This section explains key descriptions for transactions.

Find available data points for each bank here.

additionalInformationMax500TextOptionalMight be used by the financial institution to transport additional transaction related information
additionalInformation StructuredStructured Additional InformationConditionalIs used if and only if the bookingStatus entry equals "information"
balanceAfterTransaction    BalanceOptionalThis is the balance after this transaction. Recommended balance type is interimBooked.
bankTransactionCode    Bank Transaction CodeOptional Bank transaction code as used by the financial institution and using the sub elements of this structured code defined by ISO20022. For standing order reports the following codes are applicable:
"PMNT-ICDT-STDO" for credit transfers,
"PMNT-IRCT-STDO" for instant credit transfers,
"PMNT-ICDT-XBST" for cross-border credit transfers,
"PMNT-IRCT-XBST" for cross-border real time credit transfers,
"PMNT-MCOP-OTHR" for specific standing orders which have a dynamical amount to move left funds e.g. on month end to a saving account
bookingDate    ISODateOptionalThe Date when an entry is posted to an account on the financial institutions books.
checkIdMax35TextOptionalIdentification of a Cheque
creditorAccountAccount ReferenceConditional 
creditorAgent    BICFIOptional 
creditorIdMax35TextOptionalIdentification of Creditors, e.g. a SEPA Creditor ID
creditorNameMax70TextOptionalName of the creditor if a "Debited" transaction
currencyExchangeArray of Report Exchange RateOptional 
debtorAccount    Account ReferenceConditional 
debtorNameMax70TextOptionalName of the debtor if a "Credited" transaction
entryReferenceMax35TextOptionalIs the identification of the transaction as used for reference given by financial institution.
mandateIdMax35TextOptionalIdentification of Mandates, e.g. a SEPA Mandate ID
proprietaryBank TransactionCode    Max35TextOptionalProprietary bank transaction code as used within a community or within an financial institution
purposeCodePurpose Code    Conditional 
remittanceInformation StructuredMax140TextOptionalReference as contained in the structured remittance reference structure
remittanceInformation StructuredArrayArray of RemittanceOptionalReference as contained in the structured remittance reference structure
remittanceInformation Unstructured    Max140TextOptional 
remittanceInformation UnstructuredArray    Array of Max140Text    Optional 
transactionAmountAmountMandatoryThe amount of the transaction as billed to the account.
transactionIdStringOptionalUnique transaction identifier given by financial institution 
ultimateCreditor    Max70TextOptional 
valueDateISODateOptional    The Date at which assets become available to the account owner in case of a credit