Account Details

This section explains key descriptions for accounts.

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bbanMax128TextOptionalThis data element is used for payment accounts which have no IBAN
bicMax128TextOptionalThe BIC associated to the account.
cashAccountType    Cash Account TypeOptionalExternalCashAccountType1Code from ISO 20022
currencyMax3TextMandatoryAccount currency
detailsMax512TextOptionalSpecifications that might be provided by the financial institution
- characteristics of the account
- characteristics of the relevant card
displayName    Max128TextOptional    Name of the account as defined by the end user within online channels
 linkedAccounts   Max128TextOptionalThis data attribute is a field, where an financial institution can name a cash account associated to pending card transactions.
msisdnMax64TextOptionalAn alias to a payment account via a registered mobile phone number
name    Max128Text    OptionalName of the account, as assigned by the financial institution 
ownerAddressUnstructuredMax256TextOptionalAddress of the legal account owner
ownerNameMax256TextOptionalName of the legal account owner. If there is more than one owner, then e.g. two names might be noted here.

For a corporate account, the corporate name is used for this attribute.
productMax64TextOptionalProduct Name of the Bank for this account, proprietary definition
resourceIdMax128Text    Conditional  The account id of the given account in the financial institution 
statusMax7TextOptionalAccount status. The value is one of the following:
"enabled": account is available
"deleted": account is terminated
"blocked": account is blocked e.g. for legal reasons

If this field is not used, then the account is available in the sense of this specification.
usageMax4TextOptionalSpecifies the usage of the account
PRIV: private personal account
ORGA: professional account