Commitment to Quality

in provision of account information services

Updated 28/04/2021

Nordigen aims to provide the highest quality account information services (AIS) to the best of our ability, therefore Nordigen commits to ensure the quality of the AIS as described hereunder. This is not a legally binding document between Nordigen and the users of AIS, but rather a general description of what Nordigen aims to achieve in provision of AIS. Legally binding obligations are provided only to Enterprise users under a service level agreement. To become a Enterprise user, please contact us by e-mail

Nordigen's provision of AIS is dependent on account servicing payment service provider's (ASPSP) in respect of initial access to the data. Accordingly, Nordigen cannot guarantee the availability of account information if connections with ASPSPs are not available due to ASPSP APIs. However, once the account information has been aggregated, Nordigen's API should be available 99.5% of the time calculated on a monthly basis.

In case the Nordigen AIS API is not available due to defects or errors on our side, we aim to resolve the issues in a timely manner and it should not take longer than 72 hours. Resolution time depends on the severity of the defects or errors according to our internal classification. Subsequently the bigger the impact of the error is, the faster we aim to resolve the issue. Feel free to contact us if an error has occurred by contacting and providing us with a reasonably detailed description of the defect or error.

Nordigen aims to deliver all the necessary updates of AIS on a continuous basis, while minimizing the possibility of any downtime of Nordigen's AIS API. Nordigen will ensure that any software updates does not adversely affect the functionality and the correct and reliable functioning of AIS. Software updates shall include patches, bug-fixes and permanent solutions to errors occurred in provision of AIS by work-around or other temporary measure promptly following the relevant incidents.

Nordigen will on a continuous basis improve and enhance the AIS in order to maintain the same level or a higher level of performance and security.

API docs

This document explains how to integrate with Nordigen API to connect to your users’ bank account and access account information from bank PSD2 APIs.