What is Python and why Nordigen uses it

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What is Python?

Python is a computer programming language used by millions of developers around the world. It's frequently the foundational base for creating websites, software, automating tasks and data analysis.

One of its main characteristics is being a general-purpose language. Not being specialised for any specific issues allows Python to be used to develop a great variety of programmes.

Python’s versatility and easy to use/learn nature are two of the main reasons why it’s still one of the most popular programming languages amongst developers.


Why does Nordigen use Python?

At Nordigen we evaluate all options in terms of performance, availability and versatility when deciding which tool to use in each situation.

With that in mind, Python was the perfect choice as it runs on all platforms and expands our reach in terms of use-case scenarios.


What benefits does Python bring to a project?

As a general-purpose language it can be used for virtually any project, and for cross projects as well. This is the main reason Python is a great choice for use-cases where the code is meant to run on different platforms.

Python is also considered one of the simplest programming languages, making it beginner-friendly. This aspect makes it easier to build a team of developers who specialise in the same language.


Top 8 reasons why Python is so popular


  1. Simple syntax

  2. Abundance of libraries and frameworks

  3. Portable

  4. Encourages automation

  5. Usage in data science

  6. Usage in web development

  7. Usage in machine learning and artificial intelligence

  8. High level of security


Top 10 real-world use cases for Python


  1. Web application development

  2. Data science

  3. Artificial intelligence

  4. Game development

  5. Internet of Things (IoT)

  6. Web scraping

  7. Desktop GUI (graphical user interface)

  8. Enterprise applications

  9. Image recognition and text processing

  10. Education programs

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