We've opened a new office in Spain to expand operations

Nordigen, the leading global account analytics provider, is opening its first Spanish office in Madrid. The new office will serve as a focal point for fostering closer relationships with Nordigen's clients in the Iberia region. The office will be headed by Country Manager Alexandra Adamowicz Callejas.

Starting from April 10 Nordigen's Spanish office will be accessible to all existing clients and serve as a point of inquiry for potential partners. The office will be managed by Alexandra Adamowicz Callejas, who previously lead sales and client-relationship management within the Iberian banking and insurance markets for the multinational software company Comarch.

“Spanish banks and lenders have long been amongst the most progressive Open Banking implementers for lending purposes, even before PSD2 was announced,” comments Nordigen co-founder and Managing Director Rolands Mesters, adding that “the Spanish market's current aggregator oversaturation signals a widespread adoption of Open Banking. This is an excellent opportunity for adding our account analytics solution on top of existing data sets for our Spanish clients.”

The new office will foster closer relationships between Nordigen's international network and Iberia-based clients, providing them with responsive local assistance in the same time zone and their native language. The strategic move is part of Nordigen's European expansion and will provide the ideal platform for closer cooperation with key Spanish banks and lenders eager to adopt the best transaction categorisation, income verification and risk behaviour identification solution on the market.

Nordigen recently partnered up with European lender Creditstar to achieve a 5.6 percentage point GINI improvement in Spain, helping the company to improve their scorecard accuracy and understand the spending behaviours of their so-called 'thin-file' customers.
Nordigen variables related to loans and financial customer services are consistently found to be top predictors according to the feature importance analysis,”commented Creditstar's Principal Data Scientist.

Nordigen Madrid office address:
Calle Gobelas No.17.
C.P. 28023, Madrid

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