Nordigen partnership Transferlink

Transferlink connects with Nordigen’s open banking platform for better transfer harmonisation

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Payment tracking tool Transferlink has partnered with Nordigento access their open banking services. 

Transferlink is an Estonia-based transfer management tool that links bank transfers to orders from online stores and invoicing programs. The program enables entrepreneurs, online shop owners and accounting professionals to track transfers more efficiently, reconcile and automate payments, and manage the automatic settlement of digital orders. 

Transferlink allows clients to view and track all their transactions in one easy-to-use dashboard and helps them save time by categorising paid invoices and streamlining order processing. This option is also more cost efficient, as it relies on bank transfers which are usually free, in comparison to express payment options that typically charge 3 to 7 percent commission on each transaction. 

“We understand the value of automation and time-saving solutions, and have created a platform that is able to simplify processes, meeting the needs of busy entrepreneurs and professionals. Our integration with Nordigen takes our tool one step further by enabling bank account connections and automatic financial data transfer.”

Kamil Siwek, COO of Transferlink.  

The integration with Nordigen allows Transferlink clients to connect their business accounts directly to the platform to import financial data. When transfers are made to invoices or orders, Transferlink will immediately match the transactions and update the status to paid.

“We are happy to be working with Transferlink and helping them to provide the best user experience for their clients. By combining their categorisation tools and accurate financial data sourced through our open banking platform, transfer tracking and management has become even easier to work with.”

Rolands Mesters, co-founder and CEO of Nordigen.

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