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Business financing fintech SME Finance partners with open banking company Nordigen to leverage open banking data

Unique to the Baltics, SME Finance has created an AI based platform that, combined with open banking data, provides fast financing solutions that are easier than using a bank. SME Finance has a team of highly motivated professionals with one goal - provide all SME companies across Northern Europe access to hassle-free financing. With their vision to help businesses grow as smoothly as possible, SME Finance offers quick and easy funding solutions through invoice finance, leasing and business loans.

“Once a business is up and running, funding is one of the most crucial aspects when heading towards success. We designed our solution with SMEs in mind. We want companies to spend their time developing their business instead of worrying about cash flow. Afterall, SMEs make a large impact on the whole economy through lending. Nordigen is the best partner to help us to provide custom solutions for our customers who appreciate diversity and flexibility.” says Mindaugas Mikalajūnas, CEO of SME Finance.

Using Nordigen’s API, SME Finance allows customers to connect their business bank account to their lending platform. They offer tailor-made financing solutions that can be provided within one business day. Nordigen’s API is fully PSD2 compliant, so SME Finance customers can have peace of mind when it comes to the security of their data. SME Finance provides commodity credit insurance coverage and compensate for any losses incurred due to your customers unfulfilled obligations.

“SME Finance is providing the next generation of business financing. PSD2 was created to provide seamless access to open banking data and we’re delighted that our open banking solution helps SME Finance offer their customers regular incomes while they focus on their business growth. SME Finance helps businesses increase productivity and efficiency.” says Rolands Mesters, co-founder and CEO of Nordigen.


About SME Finance

SME Finance is a business financing fintech that provides solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. With a team of motivated professionals, they have one goal in mind – provide all SME companies across the Northern European region access to financing without any hassle. SME Finance has a vision to help businesses grow as smoothly as possible by offering quick and easy funding solutions through invoice finance and business loans. SME Finance lets companies develop their business instead of worrying about the cash flow.


About Nordigen

Nordigen is a freemium open banking platform that provides free access to open banking data and premium data insights. Nordigen's free API connects to more than 1,000 banks in Europe and serves fintech companies and developers in 31 European countries, including the UK. Nordigen is a licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP), regulated by the The Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia and authorised in 31 European countries.

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