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Open banking search trend in France

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Online search trends can be valuable insights into what is popular and what people are interested in. Using Ahrefs, we found and analysed the top open banking search trends in France.


What is Open Banking?

Open banking is a banking practice that securely shares financial information, such as consumer banking transactions and other financial data, to third-party financial service providers. Sharing data is done through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) and only with the consent of customers. Open banking is the driver behind both innovation and competition in the financial industry.


Open banking in France

French banks are investing in the fintech ecosystem as well as innovating and leading it making them natural leaders in the digital financial movement in France (Valla, 2020). Therefore, France unsurprisingly has a thriving Fintech ecosystem that covers all things finance. France Fintech was created in 2015 and already unifies more than 350 startups including Leetchi, Kantox and LemonWay.

Currently, France does not plan to establish a regulatory sandbox but rather approaches enforcing rules based on the size of and the level of risk associated with the fintech startup. However, recent publications suggest that a “digital lab” be created in order to waive certain requirements and allow the development and innovation of security tokens.

Find out more about the current state of open banking in France.


Open banking search trends in France

  • Open banking

Interestingly the term for open banking in french, “bancaire ouvert” is not searched for but the english “open banking” is. “Open banking” and matching terms has a monthly search volume of 890. As open banking becomes more and more prominent, the French are getting interested in what it is and how it affects them. Those searching for “open banking” typically ask what it is or for its definition.

  • API

“API”, also known as application program interface, has the largest search volume of all open banking search trends in France with 50K monthly searches alone. “API”  and matching terms has a monthly search volume of 293K. These numbers are very high, which is unsurprising considering France has a thriving Fintech ecosystem. While laymen are searching for “API” to educate themselves on what it is, developers are searching for specific APIs, such as “Google Maps API'' or “Discord API”.

  • EBA

EBA, or the European Banking Authority, is a regulatory agency of the EU with headquarters in Paris. They work to increase EU bank transparency and identify weaknesses in their capital structures. “EBA” is searched 17K times monthly in France and the French abbreviation “ABE” is searched for 4.6K times. Matching terms of “EBA”, “ABE”, “European Banking Authority”, and “Autorité bancaire européenne” have 22K monthly searches. Those searching for “EBA” are asking what it is, what it does, and how it regulates French banks.

  • Open data

Open banking data is a form of open data. Open data is the idea that data should be freely available to use without restriction from copyright, patents, or other mechanisms of control. “Open data” is searched 6.5K times monthly in France. Searches range from understanding what open data is to finding open data portals. Open data is not exclusively related to open banking so searches also include other types of open data.

  • DSP2

DSP2 is PSD2 in French. PSD2 is the Revised Payment Services Directive that regulates electronic payment services in the EU. DSP2 has 5.5K searches monthly and with matching terms it has 7.1K searches monthly. With a thriving fintech ecosystem and French banks becoming the face of fintech in France, it makes sense why the French are becoming interested in what PSD2 is, what changes have been made to the regulations and about strong customer authentication.

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