aOpen Banking in Sweden [updated]

Open Banking in Sweden [updated]

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Facts and figures

According to EBF, Sweden has 125 banks and the largest are SEB and Swedbank. These banks make up several categories, the four main being commercial banks, foregin banks, savings banks and cooperative banks. All bank services are being performed through mobile phones, tablets and computers thus the use of cash is declining rapidly. The biggest banks in Sweden are - Handelsbanken, Ikano Bank, Nordea, SEB and Swedbank.

Swish, a real time account-to-account transfer platform was introduced in Sweden about 7 years ago and is used by 7.5million, which is 70% of Swedish population. 

Open banking

Most of the largest banks have active open banking developer portals that provide regulated access to account information. 

Active portals: 

Integration with APIs

To use access and use the open banking APIs in Sweden, you will need to acquire an account information service provider license, issued by the relevant authority. In addition to that, you will require a relevant certificate (QTSPs or eIDAS), compliant with PSD2 requirements.

Alternatively, you can use Nordigen's free Account Information solution.
Key benefits:

  • one API, already integrated with all the major Swedish banks,
  • access bank account history, up to 2 years,
  • 90-day continuous access to bank accounts,
  • access to personal and business account information,
  • free of charge, no hidden fees.

Learn more about Nordigen's Account Information here or get access to the API now

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