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Nordigen launches programme for European startups

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Nordigen is excited to announce Nordigen for Startups - a new programme that supports European startups with easier and more affordable access toopen bankingtechnologies by offering free access to Nordigen Premium services, valued at €10,000. Developers can already get free-forever access to European open banking data with Nordigen, but data insights help startups extract more meaning from data, allowing them to build innovative solutions in less time. Nordigen for Startups is an initiative designed to help Europe’s rising stars build and launch new applications powered by Nordigen’s API platforms.

“We're excited to see what European startups can do with open banking if cost is no longer an issue,” says Rolands Mesters, CEO and Co-founder of Nordigen. “It's a programme I wish we had when we started building Nordigen.”

Open banking meets growth

Nordigen for Startups is a free programme open to venture-funded companies. It allows startups to build new and powerful applications by providing free access to over 1,000 European open banking data APIs. As a bonus startups can also receive free access to rich data insights worth €10,000, which will bring their product or service to market faster. Whether building a prototype or scaling a user base - Nordigen for Startups helps startups go faster with lower costs.
Eligible startups include current members or alumni of approved incubator, accelerator, venture capital, and entrepreneurial organisation partners who meet our funding criteria. To see all eligibility criteria, please visit the programme page.

Application process

The first step is to sign up to Nordigen's free open banking platform. Eligible startups can activate their €10,000 in free credit by reaching out to by September 31, 2021. Startups will have one year from receiving their credits to spend them on premium data insights.

About Nordigen

Nordigen is a freemium open banking platform that provides free access to open banking data and premium data insights. Nordigen's free API connects to more than 1,000 banks in Europe and serves fintech companies and developers in 31 European countries, including the UK. Nordigen is a licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP), regulated by the The Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia and authorised in 31 European countries.

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