New feature: SSN verification using open banking

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We are excited to announce that we have launched a new feature that allows you to verify social security numbers (SSN) of individuals using open banking. It works by checking whether the SSN that an end-user has provided matches the SSN information held by the user’s bank.


How it works

To verify if an end-user's SSN is valid, previously you needed to check the user's identity documents. Luckily, this is something that all European banks have already done when issuing a bank account, which means that the SSN information that a bank has for a specific account holder has already been validated.

Some European banks (not all, unfortunately) have a feature in their open banking APIs that allows sending an end-user's SSN via API to check whether the SSN is valid. This is done when the user is authenticating via Nordigen's open banking flow.


Technical details

To verify a user's SSN, create a requisition and pass the “ssn” parameter. Note: the “ssn” parameter must follow the official SSN structure in any given country. As an example, for end-users in Latvia a valid “ssn” will be “123456-78910”, instead of “12345678910”.

If the passed SSN matches the SSN number that the bank has on the account holder, the end-user will be able to successfully finish the user journey.

In case the SSN does not match, the end-user's journey will be stopped after the first authentication step, and it will be directed to the redirect link specified in the requisition. At this stage, an error message stating that SSN verification has failed will be shown, and the requisition status will be changed to REJECTED (RJ).

The new feature is currently supported for Swedbank and SEB bank accounts in the Baltic countries. To request this feature for other banks in other countries, please get in touch with our Sales Team.


How to get started

To get started:


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