List of authorities in Europe that issue AISPs licences

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Account Information Service Providers (or AISPs) are authorised to access bank account information of an end-user with end-user's permission. To receive the AISP licence, a company must get in touch with one of the National Competent Authorities that issue authorisations for payment and electronic money services and follow its guidelines for receiving authorisations. In this article you will find the complete list of authorities that issue AISPs licences in Europe. 

National Competent Authorities:

Did you know? 

As an alternative to acquiring your own AISP licence, you can consider using Nordigen's free Account Information service. 

Key benefits:

  • one API, already integrated with all the major European banks,
  • access bank account history, up to 2 years,
  • 90-day continuous access to bank accounts,
  • access to personal and business account information,
  • build your own user-facing consent flow, 
  • free of charge, no hidden fees.


Learn more about Nordigen's Account Information here or get access to the API now


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