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Getting started with Nordigen’s free API

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Step 1


After clicking “Start now” you should enter your email and create a password.


Step 2

Invite colleagues

By clicking on “Company” you are able to invite more members to have access to the dashboard. To invite your colleagues, simply click “invite member” and enter their name and email address. Skip this step if you registered for personal use.


Step 3

Test with your own data

Under “My Account Data'' you can connect your own bank account(s). By doing so, you will learn how the user flow works and what the output data looks like for end users. After clicking “Connect New Bank'', you will be asked to select the country and bank you want to connect to. Next, you will be directed to a login page for your bank account which authorises access for Nordigen.

NOTE: Accounts connected in this way are not associated with your company and other team members will not be able to see them.. If you’d like to experiment with your own account data using the API you will need to link it programmatically.


Step 4

Create tokens

Nordigen API uses token-based authentication. To create an API token click on “Tokens'' then “New token”.


Step 5

Make integrations

You’re going to need the token you just created. Nordigen API is a set of endpoints that allows you to integrate our Account Information product. For the step-by-step guide on how to integrate click on “Quickstart” in the menu bar. The guide explains how to jump-start your integration with the Account Information API.

After completing this step, you will be able to connect to end-user bank accounts and access raw account and transaction data.


Step 6

Verify and launch

Remember those questions we asked you during registration? Some of these details will be shown to the end users to inform them which parties are involved. From registration, you will have a “non-verified” status and end users are notified of this.

If you are ready to go into production and want to change your status to “verified”, all you need to do is write to us at to initiate the process. Usually, the information from those questions will be enough but in some cases we may ask for clarification. Requests are processed within 1 business day.

Now you’re ready to launch! 🚀

NOTE: There are no limitations to non-verified accounts other than the end users being notified.


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