FinTech Influencers to follow in 2020


Spiros Margaris has been ranked as the Global No.1 Fintech Influencer of 2020 (by Onalytica) 3rd year in a row, and rightfully so. With more than 100k followers across his social media platforms, Spiros has gained trust and respect across Fintech and Artificial Intelligence communities.
Besides being a Thought leader and Venture capitalist, he's also leading a blog Margaris Ventures and was appointed to the Advisory Board of insuretech company wefox Group, in June 2018.

If you want to keep up with the latest AI news and interesting Fintech blog articles on industry developments, you'll want to follow Spiros on Twitter. Otherwise, Spiros is a public speaker and is available for bookings for larger events.


Jim is definitely one of the most acknowledged and recognised FinTech experts and influencers.

With a key focus on banking, Jim is the co-publisher of The Financial Brand - one of the most resourceful webpages sharing articles, reports and webinars encompassing every topic and news on the financial industry. What makes Jim a leader in the space is the years of experience, that has resulted in being featured in several acknowledged mainstream media channels such as CNBC, CNN, Forbes, New York Times etc., but also being the banking policy advisor for the White House.

Besides this, we would advise you to tune into Banking Transformed podcast, where Jim is the host interviewing industry leaders and professionals on different and certainly trending topics, 2x a week. You absolutely must follow Jim on his Twitter, if you too want to stay up-to-date with the most relevant and fresh information within the banking space!


Theodora has blazed her way through as the No.1 Woman Influencer within the Fintech scene, according to the Onalytica report, 2020.

She's actively sharing her thoughts to more than 50k followers over her social media platforms, mostly looking at new developments and trending topics of the AI and Fintech scene, but also supporting and voicing her opinion on gender and racial inclusion within the financial services industry.

Her link to Artificial Intelligence is by having worked as an engineer within Telco and IT for 20 years, which eventually led Theodora into the HealthTech and FinTech scene, where she's active now.

Theodora is also the founder of Unconventional Ventures, which is a boutique consulting agency helping new entrepreneurs, founders and corporates drive innovation and improve systematic financial wellness. This is where Theodora's passion lies within the work she does as a consultant for anyone with great ideas regardless of their gender, age, socioeconomic background and ethnicity to achieve great results.

Steve McLaughlin is another powerful persona within the FinTech scene and more specifically having a background working at Goldman Sachs, which is a leading global investment banking, security and investment management firm as an investment banker - Steve has extensive knowledge about investment banking and passion for FinTech.

Steve has founded Financial Technology Partners (FTP) because of his passion for FinTech and the opportunities he sees within the industry, which is why FTP is the only investment banking firm exclusively focused on FinTech and operates since 2001.

If you want to deep-dive within the FinTech scene and the promising new-comers - following Steve on Twitter would be not only beneficial but also incredibly insightful. There he shares FTP's reports of most important transactions, trends and insights.

Brett King rarely needs an introduction, because of his accomplishments within the FinTech space and his numerous appearances on different big stages around the world and FinTech Influencer tops.

However, if you already haven't listened to his No1 FinTech Radio Show Breaking Banks, you are seriously missing out. Every week the show hosts different personalities, startups, innovators and industry players that are driving disruption in financial services.

Moreover - Brett is an acknowledged author of award-winning books about Artificial Intelligence and Banking, leaving an impact on many important people, and being Amazon's bestselling author. With more than 100k followers across his social media platforms, Brett always stays on top of the industry news and shares important trending topics and knowledge about the FinTech space.

He is also the founder of Moven - AI-driven and personalised smart-banking solutions.


This list is growing as we type, however, these are the FinTech Influencers and professionals You want to follow to be on top of the newest within the industry and we will be sure to add to it with time.

Is there anyone that should definitely be on our list? Drop us a note:


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