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Essential PFM app development tools

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The journey of building a personal finance management (PFM) app is long and challenging. As developers very well know, they need all the ammunition and help they can get along the way which is why we have compiled a short list with the essential development tools they’ll need.

These tools will help developers solve fundamental coding problems, decrease the time of getting the app to the market as well as giving the app the features and functionality it needs to succeed in a highly competitive market.

Without further ado, we present you with the essential development tools for building a PFM app.


Test automation tool

A test automation tool helps dev teams and businesses automate their app and software testing needs, by eliminating human input to avoid mistakes and delays. Testing an app is one of the core development stages. While everyone in a development team knows it should be done, not everyone enjoys doing it.

Writing code for tests, and debugging code errors have been troublesome, arduous processes for developers for the longest time. This is where test automation tools come into place. Using a test automation tool will show the developer the exact line that an error occurred on and give them the context surrounding that error, with all the information they need to solve it. No more searching for errors through lines and lines of code.

Scrum and agile methodologies were supposed to fix the challenges faced by app and software developers, but there are still things only a good test automation tool can solve. Some of the most commonly used tools in the industry are Katalon StudioSeleniumAppiumLambdaTest and Kobiton.


Cross-platform mobile app development tool

Cross-platform app development is the practice of building an app that is suitable for separate platforms. Depending on if a developer is building for Apple or Android, the tools and processes they have to go through are a lot different, meaning they have to essentially develop the app twice. Cross-platform mobile app development tools save developers time and energy, as they don’t have to repeat the same process. Code once, deploy twice.

According to Statista, one third of mobile developers use cross-platform technologies or frameworks while the rest of mobile developers use native tools. This is a trend that will continue to rise as cross-platform mobile frameworks open the door to maximum exposure, saving startups, companies and developers time and money.

The same research shows a strong market leader in this space with Flutter being the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by 42% of developers. Other popular options are React NativeXamarin, and Ionic.

While cross-platform development is still evolving and dealing with performance and user-experience challenges, it is safe to say that it’s where the whole industry is headed. Given the exponential increase in the cost of native platform development and the need for rapid time to market, any developer, enterprise or startup looking to build a PFM app, they need a cross-platform mobile app development tool.


API tool

Off-the-shelf API solutions such as Nordigen simplify and speed up development. Access to Nordigen’s APIs will make it easier for users to view the data, allow you to control the data flow in real–time, and build functionalities such as categorization, geolocation, and more. When it comes to specifically building a PFM app, you are looking at open banking APIs.

Nordigen provides the most affordable, comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for your app. A lot of users often compare Nordigen vs Tink, and other alternatives but we can say with confidence that our API solution is one that will help you build the best PFM app you possibly can.


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