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What are the benefits of CEGs? Why should you, as a developer, care?

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You should care because they make your life easier. Understanding CEGs, demystifies OB APIs and makes development much easier. The customer in this case is you, the developer, and what this documentation has to offer is a clear path into usable, easy-to-understand products. 

Making your life easier

What’s real success for a developer? Creating a product that is seamless and intuitive enough for people to trust and ultimately use independently. When talking about the CEG documentation, you, the developer, are the customer. The documentation is detailed and succinct in guiding you through the journey of building open banking-enabled products and services in a simple and secure manner.

Balanced recommendations  

The real benefit of the documentation is that it offers a healthy balance of regulatory requirements and customer insights. Successful products live in that exact space and tread that line very carefully - they give people what they want without overstepping regulatory boundaries.

Open banking development is uncharted territory. Everyone is learning on the fly, and any kind of direction can prove to be instrumental in the success and adoption of the technology. CEGs are not a finalised document, but a living organism that will be refined with your input. 

Personalised products

Customer experience guidelines open the doors to one of the most important areas of Open Banking for the near future - personalisation. A personalised customer experience is a great customer experience, and CEGs allow you to create the foundation for products that speak to the specific needs of the customer. 

Gone are the days when financial products and services addressed population demographics. Each customer is their own entity, with their own financial past, goals and future. The goal for any developer worth their salt is to create products that are tailored to specific user journeys and pathways.

Building products centred around customer experience, gives you the opportunity to directly affect areas such as conversion, acceptance and onboarding rates. This is considered by many the magic trifecta of success in business. Converting people from leads to customers, onboarding them in a fast and secure way, and then instilling them the confidence to perform a payment. 

This whole process involves a step-by-step breakdown of the user journey and an understanding of the challenges a user faces when presented with a new product or service. The Open Banking Customer Experience Guidelines pave the way for development that follows this blueprint. The entire philosophy behind the documentation is to provide you with the tools and technical know-how to build products that solve those customer challenges. 

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