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Connect your bank account to Google Sheets

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There is no shortage of amazing personal finance apps that allow you to connect your bank account and keep track of your finances. But let's be honest - not a lot of apps can beat the versatility of a spreadsheet. This is why we decided to build a no-code tool to help you connect your European bank account to Google Sheets. It's totally free and the source code for the script is available on  Github

The tool works with personal and business bank accounts, including popular neobanks like Revolut, N26, Starling and Wise (ex Transferwise).

How to get started

To connect your bank account to Google Sheets, you will need to follow these three steps:

  • Step 1 - Create an account on Go to Nordigens's  Open Banking Portal  and get your own unique token to use Nordigen's service for connecting your bank account.
  • Step 2 - Copy the Google Sheets template
    We have created a Google Sheets template that you can copy. Once you have copied the template, you will be able to make edits to the file.  Here is the link to the Google Sheets template file.
  • Step 3 - Follow instructions on the Google Sheets file
    Once you have a Nordigen account, you should be able to copy/paste your Nordigen token in the Google Sheets file. 

🎉 Voilà - your bank account is now connected to your Google Sheets file.

What you can do

Once you have connected your bank account to Google Sheets, you can:

  • see your transactions in one place and make calculations using formulas,
  • build custom spending categories to track your spending,
  • track your budget changes over time and forecast your spending,
  • (if you connect your business account) calculate your cashflow and runway,
  • do anything you can dream of. 

Behind the project

This tool was built as a hobby project by Roberts Bernans, Chief Product Officer and cofounder of Nordigen. It uses Nordigen's free open banking data API.


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