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Check your bank account balance on Telegram

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With more than 550 million active users every month, Telegram has seen significant growth in Europe in the past few years. It's the perfect alternative to WhatsApp, and many even consider it to be the gold standard for messaging apps.

Telegram offers users an incredible amount of features, such as support for voice/video calls, group calls, GIFs, stickers, chat groups, and much more. But one of its biggest strengths are bots.

With Nordigen’s Telegram bot, all you just need to ask is “What’s my balance?”

Once you've completed the set-up and the bot is available on your Telegram, it’s extremely easy to use and quite interesting.

With a few easy commands, it's possible for you to receive information about your bank account balance on Telegram using Nordigen's API. To showcase its versatility, the bot recognises not only text commands, but also voice commands. After setting up the desired command, you'll be able to check your bank account balance just by asking - no need to type anything.

How to set up Nordigen’s bot on Telegram

All the instructions and steps needed to set up Nordigen’s bot on Telegram are available on Github. You'll find all the needed files, a list of requirements, step-by-step instructions for the various operating systems (OS), usage examples, and all the available commands.

Check out Nordigen’s bot on Github here

Secure communication just got a lot smarter

The potential for what you can create with these bots is virtually infinite., From managing big groups to creating interactive experiences for users thanks to Nordigen’s new bot you can even check your bank account balance. This bot can help bring the wonders of open banking to millions of people using Telegram on a daily basis for their communications needs.

As a proof of concept, the first version of Nordigen’s Telegram bot is limited to checking your account balance, but the possibilities are endless. By developing and adding your own code, developers can take the bot to a whole other level by implementing support for many other features.

This experiment shows how open banking can  improve the user experience for millions of people.

Telegram bots have been increasing in popularity over the past years and now the most popular ones include news aggregators, reminder tools, file converters, gaming tournaments, memes, movie tracker, trivia games, and much more.

Nordigen’s new Telegram bot is the first to give direct access to open banking APIs, and has the ability to bring millions of users closer to their personal finances.

Endless possibilities with Nordigen’s free open banking API

By providing its open banking API for free, Nordigen wants not only to give free access to more than 1,000 bank connections in Europe, but also incentivise developers to explore endless possibilities.

The lending/credit industry still make up most of the open banking market, but new use cases emerge every week. The growth and expansion of open banking adoption sees new uses for open banking account data emerge in everything from personal finance to online gaming and cryptocurrencies.


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