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Available credit data APIs in UK

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If you're searching for available credit data APIs in the UK, here's what's available:


Credit bureaus

Experian is one of the leading credit bureaus in the UK, equipped with the Experian Connect API. This API allows sharing of credit information to enhance renting applications and distribute credit reports within the real estate industry. Credit functionality can also be embedded on websites and mobile apps. The price for a personal Experian CreditExpert subscription is £14.99/month, with company pricing not being made public.

Equifax is another big name in the credit game and has a number of integrated APIs that feed into banking systems to help automate credit decisions. OBaaS, an automated accounting tool, is used to verify customer identity and evaluate credit suitability. After a free 30 day trial, Equifax’s private person subscription is £7.95/month, with business pricing not being made publicly available.


Open banking data

TransUnion has developed an open banking platform targeted at consumer engagement. Once clients are onboarded their information is gathered and analysed to establish creditworthiness. Following the analysis, they can suggest appropriate solutions and services that fit the needs of each separate customer. A monthly fee is required to use the service.

Nordigen provides access to data on private and business bank accounts across Europe.  Our trustworthy API allows for you to view transaction histories and have continuous 90-day access. Nordigen is a licensed AISP (Account Information Service Provider), connecting to official bank APIs across 31 countries, using only regulated PSD2 integrations. A pioneer withinopen banking data, Nordigen provides all data completely for FREE, with no hidden fees.


Insight platform

Creditsafe is equipped with a credit data REST API called Creditsafe Connect API. It can verify customer identities and automate steps in credit decision making, through its connections with Equifax, TransUnion and GBG. The information is stored in their Creditsafe Global Company Database. Pricing for this service is not disclosed publicly.


Credit reporting agency

Credit Kudos is a credit reference agency which uses automated platforms for data analysis and customer future behavior prediction. To achieve this, they use the underwriting program Atlas, (underwriting being the process of formally agreeing to a certain level of financial risk in exchange for payment [Banton, 2021]) to help with evaluating a customer’s creditworthiness. In addition to Atlas, Credit Kudos uses a Reports API to automate decision making and integrate data. The credit data API is accessible for a fee, with payment information not being publicly available.


Identity verification data

Trulioo is an identity verification system that uses GlobalGateway API to confirm their customers' information. It gathers its data from a variety of sources across different countries to help automate the process of verifying IDs and authenticating users. The information gathered is narrowed down to the most important fields to simplify info and make the process shorter. The service has three different payment plans, for further info they must be contacted privately.

LexisNexis offers a wide range of services, one of which is remote identity proofing. Once an applicant submits their IDs, a selfie and passes a “liveness check” (a process wherein facial biometrics ensure the person is present and active), their application is submitted to the server. Their application is then checked against data accessed from leading credit bureaus and compiled to create a profile of the customer. Pricing for this product is not publicly available.


Open banking credit APIs in other countries:

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