Available Credit Data APIs in Italy

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Have a look below for our comprehensive list of credit data APIs in Italy:


Credit bureaus

The Central Credit Register (CR), managed by the Bank of Italy, is a database that stores information on individual and business debts to financial institutions. The register is supplied with data provided by participating banks, finance companies and third parties. Typically, the debtor is reported to the register by the intermediary when the sum owed is equivalent to or over 30,000 euros, however this can be lowered to just 250 euros in case of poor credit history. Intermediaries can request financial data on specific individuals to assess creditworthiness, before making any loan decisions. Data can be requested free of charge, however the information provided is limited, as only people and businesses with large unpaid loans are featured and only information on debt is noted.

Modefinance (stylised as modefinance) is a fintech credit rating agency in Italy. They specialise in data sharing and rating businesses on their reliability and capabilities of repaying financial obligations. In 2018, they introduced oplon, an AI powered predictive solution that encompasses all the tools and skills of a rating agency in a web-based platform. More information and pricing needs to be sourced from the firm directly.


Experian is one of the world’s leading credit bureaus and they have an established presence in Italy as well. The organisation facilitates the sharing of credit score through their API called Experian Connect. Through the API, public records and transaction history are shared to evaluate a customer’s financial profile and deem creditworthiness. Exact pricing for these services needs to be established through contact with the sales team.


CRIF is a global firm that specialises in credit bureau information and credit solutions. Founded in Bologna, Italy in 1980 it has established an international presence across four continents. The company provides financial information through their Skyminder application and provides their own credit scoring called CRIF's Credit Bureau Score. The score provides a numeric evaluation of creditworthiness. Pricing is not available publicly.


Open banking

Yapily joined the Italian market at the beginning of 2020, wishing to join the country’s diverse banking landscape. Yapily went live with integrations with organisations such as Unicredit Italy, Intesa San Paolo and more. Yapily’s credit data sharing API facilitates the process of secure data transmission. The financial data shared helps set up speedier credit data checks and reporting.  Financial data sharing allows for speedier credit data checks and creditworthiness reports. Yapily’s services are paid for.

TrueLayer launched in Italy in August 2020 with a selection of bank integrations. Their data sharing API provides information on accounts, balances and transactions. They are integrated with several Italian banks. The service is pay-per-use.

Creditsafe is an international provider of digital credit information and company credit scores.Their systems make it possible to check real-time reports for over 365 million Italian and international businesses to determine creditworthiness of clients, including information regarding credit limits and payments. This is made possible through Creditsafe’s APIs, which share credit information across 44 different countries. Pricing is not made publicly available.

Nordigen provides access to individual and commercial bank account information across European countries. We are an AISP with access to official bank APIs all around Europe. Nordigen only uses PSD2 regulated integrations, and our API provides ongoing 90-day access to transaction history. Our free open banking data API is absolutely free with unlimited use, while additional information, such as credit scores can be accessed through a small per-user fee.

Tink's API platform made its debut in the Italian market towards the end of 2019.The platform makes it possible for organisations to access customers’ transactional data and initiate customer account verification processes. They aggregate both PSD2 and non-PSD2 data through connections to banks and finance institutions in Europe. To access the platform, companies need to pay per user.  


Identity verification

ShuftiPro’s verification API performs identification checks on consumers in accordance with AML and KYC rules. Identity cards, national passports, driver's licenses, and credit/debit cards are all checked by the software. Face verification, address verification, document verification, and other services are included in the service to guarantee that the risk of fraud in the financial and credit markets is as minimal as possible. Pricing is determined based on requirements.

Data Zoo allows its companies to verify their Italian customers using independent credit data. They deliver industry-leading match rates and quick 2.4 second response times. They boast a tailored approach depending on AML, CTF, KYC and identification needs. Pricing for this service is determined through contact with the company directly.

Jumio uses the powers of Artificial Intelligence, biometrics and other innovative technologies to facilitate and streamline the identity verification process for their clients. Identity checks are done within seconds, significantly simplifying the process of remote onboarding. Their processes comply with AML and KYC regulations. Sales information needs to be requested on the company website.

Global Data Consortium provides an electronic identity verification solution through their single-API resource, Worldview. Worldview uses personal information and documentation from various country-specific data sources to quickly confirm customer identity. The platform provides a wide range of options for checks, flexible rules and scoring capabilities. They are AML compliant. Pricing information needs to be requested directly. 

Veriff is an Estonian-based worldwide identity verification firm. Their AI-powered solution aids in the real-time authentication of documents, which aids in the fight against fraud. The application can swiftly detect forged and fraudulent IDs, collect data, and utilise an API to cross-reference it with other sources, all while adhering to AML and KYC rules. Pricing can be obtained by contacting the sales department.



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