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Billed as the “Mobile Bank”, N26 offers a new-age, 100% digital banking experience that allows you to have total control over your bank account on the go, track your expenses, budget and save money from the comfort of your mobile phone.

The German neobank operates with a full European banking licence, fingerprint identification and advanced 3D technology to bulletproof your account. You can open a free bank account in just under 8 minutes without any paperwork, queuing up outside a bank branch or hidden fees.


Connect to N26 with Nordigen's open banking API

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What can you build?

  • Personal Finance Management apps
  • Buy now, pay later apps
  • Income verification tools
  • Lending and credit-scoring solutions
  • Bank account verification tools
  • Identity verification tools


Personal Finance Management Apps  

Personal finance management apps allow users to control and manage their finances from the palm of their hands. By integrating with Nordigen’s open banking API, you can feed the necessary banking information into the app and give people the financial freedom and autonomy they need. 


Buy Now, Pay Later Apps

What started as a trend is now becoming a viable, mainstream payment method for most online websites. People can buy an item and agree to pay it in instalments over a predetermined time-period. While that may sound like a technical or development nightmare, Nordigen’s open banking API makes it all possible with a simple integration. 


Income Verification Tools

For any business or financial institution offering services such as loans, mortgage, auto, and credit cards, they require a quick way to be able to verify the income of their potential borrowers. With Nordigen’s open banking API, you can easily build income verification tools for property managers, rental applicants, borrowers, and lenders. 


Lending and Credit-Scoring Solutions

Similar to income verification, lending and credit-scoring solutions help businesses and financial institutions determine the risk level associated with potential customers. Integrating with Nordigen’s API gives you access to the data and information you need to build these credit-scoring profiles. 


Bank Account Verification Tools

Verifying your bank account is a very common practice. The tools to do this become even more sophisticated, and Nordigen’s API allows you to build solutions of the highest security and calibre. 


Identity Verification Tools

Identity verification has evolved from attaching papers and photos to an email to an automatic process involving biometric components such as fingerprint or face recognition. With Nordigen, you can build identity verification tools that make for a frictionless customer onboarding process that is both fast and seamless.

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