Open Banking in Slovenia

What is the current status of Open Banking in Slovenia?

In 2018, Sberbank made the first notable step for Open Banking adoption in Slovenia by integrating with Token. In a press release published by the bank, Aleš Zajc, Deputy CEO of Sberbank in Slovenia responsible for Retail Banking, stated the following: 

Our choice to work with Token reflects our commitment to shaping a new era of banking and payments. Our cooperation with Token enables a platform-based banking model that will allow us to substantially improve our customers’ experience. With Token’s frictionless authentication programmed into each transaction, we will be able to increase payment speed and convenience without ever compromising on security.”

Interesting stats about OB potential in Slovenia

What will the future of Open Banking look like in Slovenia?

The new era of banking is well on its way in Slovenia. Seeing the notable improvement of the country on the DESI index and the intention of major financial institutions such as Sberbank, you understand there is both appetite and willingness to move forward with the technology.


Here is a list of major banks providing Open Banking in Slovenia