Open Banking in Montenegro

Open Banking in Montenegro

What is the current status of Open Banking in Montenegro?

The status of Open Banking in Montenegro is still non-existent. The country applied to enter the European Union in 2008 but is still waiting on approval. In 2012, they became part of the World Trade Organization, and in 2017 part of NATO. These moves are not directly related to OB, but they are signs of a country and economy that are making steps forward. 

Interesting stats about OB potential in Montenegro

What will the future of Open Banking look like in Montenegro?

OB in Montenegro is still in its infancy. The country has still a lot of ground to cover before they see the technology producing the results everyone is raving about. From Internet infrastructure and accessibility, to a regulatory framework, Montenegro has to do some foundational work to welcome Open Banking technology to the country.


Here is a list of major banks providing Open Banking in Montenegro