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Get financial data through fast & powerful bank APIs.

Data available

Access account holder’s name, bank account numbers, transactions and account balances through real bank APIs. For personal and business accounts.

How is it free?

Our account information service is free, with no hidden fees or commitments.

We are able to keep it free by using only PSD2 regulated costless open APIs. We let the banks do the heavy-lifting, using their functional, reliable and well-documented banking data APIs.For customers that want more from their banking data, we also provide premium products.

Premium products

Pros & features

Connecting to major European bank APIs is time consuming. We aggregate these APIs so you don’t have to.

Gain access to up to 24 months of account history. Real-time, continuous access to account information. Fully customise the end-user experience.

Coverage &

Our Account Information solution is available in over 2000 banks, across 31 European countries.

API docs

This document explains how to integrate with Nordigen API to connect to your users’ bank account and access account information from bank PSD2 APIs.