Statuses and Error Messages

Learn about status and error messages for diffent Nordigen endpoints.


Learn more about each state for requisitions and accounts.

requistions endpoint

Status shortStatus longDescription
CRCREATEDRequisition has been succesfully created
LNLINKEDAccount has been succesfully linked to requisition
SUSUSPENDEDRequisition is suspended due to numerous consecutive errors that happened while accessing its accounts

accounts endpoint

Status longDescription
DISCOVEREDUser has succesfully authenticated herself, and account has been discovered
ERRORAn error was encountered when processing account
EXPIREDAccess to account has expired as set in End User Agreement
PROCESSINGAccount is being processed by the ASPSP
READY    Account has been successfully processed
SUSPENDEDAccount has been suspended (more than 10 consecutive failed attempts to access the account)


Error Messages

All error HTTP codes are going to be 4xx or 5xx, so we recommend using success http codes for the control flow and the error messages for informative purposes. If an error has occurred, it will be displayed in the following form:

        "summary": "Unknown ASPSP ID",
        "detail": "Get ASPSP ID from /aspsps/?country={country_code}",
        "status_code": 400

aspsps endpoint

SummaryDetailHTTP status
Unknown fields {fields} in the payload 400
 Invalid token401

agreements endpoint

SummaryDetailHTTP status
Incorrect max_historical_daysmax_historical_days must be > 0 and <= {aspsp_id }transaction_total_days (int)400
End User Agreements cannot be accepted more than once 400
Cannot delete End User AgreementCannot delete accepted End User Agreement: {eua_id}. Only non accepted agreements can be deleted400
 Invalid token401

requisitions endpoint

SummaryDetailHTTP status
Invalid redirect URIRedirect URI must have a valid URI structure"400
Invalid EUA{agreement_id} is not a valid UUID. Please specify valid agreement from /api/agreements/enduser/?={enduser_id} or create a new one400
Incorrect enduser_idenduser_id in requisition have to be the same as specified in EUA {eua_id}. Requisition enduser_id: " {req_enduser_id}, EUA enduser_id {eua_enduser_id}400
Provided user_language is invalid or not supported{user_language} is invalid or not supported language400
 Invalid token401


accounts endpoint

SummaryDetailHTTP status
Invalid Account ID{id} is not a valid UUID400
End User Agreement (EUA) {eua_id} has expiredEUA was valid for {valid_days} days and it expired at {expired_date}. The end user must connect the account once more with new EUA and Requisition400
AccessExpiredErrorAccess has expired or it has been revoked. To restore access reconnect the account401
AccountInactiveErrorAccount has been deactivated or it no longer exists401
Invalid token        401
Account suspendedThis Account or its Requisition was suspended due to numerous errors that occurred while accessing it409
RateLimitErrorDaily request limit set by the Institution has been exceeded429
UnknownRequestErrorRequest to institution returned unknown error500
ServiceErrorInstitution service unavailable503
ConnectionErrorCouldn't connect to Institution503