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Customer Acquisition

The most innovative global banks, lenders, brands and fintechs use account transaction data to understand their customers and offer ideal financial products.


Use-case: Customer Acquisition

Understand your existing customers and attract new clients

Offer your existing clients ideally tailored financial products and quickly onboard new customers using account transaction data insights.

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The future is customer-centred. To understand them one needs to look at their spending habits. Nordigen’s analytics engine can help any bank that uses account aggregation gain account data-based actionable insights to better understand their existing customers and attract new ones.

As soon as the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and Open Banking initiative in UK comes in to full force, any trusted financial service provider will be able to access customer account data with the client’s consent. This means that Retails Banks will require a new kind of innovation.


Citadele Bank Increases New Loan Volume Using Nordigen Solutions

In a series of tests, Citadele Banka used Nordigen transaction categorisation and account-based behaviour scoring solutions to identify low-risk clients and gain actionable insights into their clients’ spending behaviour, income and loan history. This allowed Citadele to create customised offers for the clients and increase the volume of issued loans.
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Identify up-sell opportunities

Nordigen's Marketing Analytic insights contain information about customer segments, brand affiliations and life stages, helping financial institutions can leverage to make tailored product and service up-sells.  

Value: Onboard new customers from other banks or improve the UX for existing customers.
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Identify life events

Categorised transaction account data can paint a detailed picture of a customer's life - when they start receiving their first steady income, take out their first mortgage, have their first child and even start planning for their retirement. This information can help financial institutions offer their customers relevant product or service up-sells at the right time.

Value: Increase customer satisfaction and retention.
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Identify client segments

Identify which client segment your customers belong to based on their transaction data. Marketing insights distinguish 10 customers segments, and numerous brand affiliations that help you target your clients with relevant and timely offers.

Value: Targeted product and service up-sells for customer retention and acquisition.
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Identify brand affiliations

Customer transactions contain tons of information about the brands they consume. When propely categorised, these insights can help financial institutions target them with relevant and timely brand offers. Nordigen's Marketing insights distinguish numerous brand affiliations.

Value: Targeted product and service up-sells for customer retention and acquisition.
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