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The account analytics platform for your aggregated data.

Nordigen software is trusted by lenders across 13 countries to improve their income verification, transaction categorisation, account analytics and credit scoring processes. See how it works!


15x more accurate than experienced credit specialists

up to 10x more accurate than other automated solutions 


Get critical insights, today

Building account data analytics in-house is tedious and expensive. Nordigen’s account analytics API excels at recognizing risk-critical behaviours with high speed and accuracy. This allows your team to build better scorecards and decisions engines.


Real business value

Nordigen works with major lenders in Europe, Australia and Brazil. Our API is easy to test and simple to deploy. Let us provide you with insights, while your data science team builds powerful credit models.


Grow your business faster

Open banking provides new opportunities to first movers. Our engines come pre-trained and ready to deploy today. Allow your credit or data science team to get high-quality data without the need to spend months on data preparation.

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“BigBank improves the accuracy of identifying risk-critical insights by 40% using Nordigen transaction categorisation API”

Source: Nordigen Case Study


“Creditstar improves GINI coefficient of their scoring models by 6 percentage points using Nordigen behavioural scoring API

Source: Nordigen Case Study

We believe account data will change credit scoring. We’re building a world class service to help lenders leverage this power to their advantage.
— Rolands Mesters, co-founder of Nordigen
Nordigen is leading the way towards a future where lending decisions are based on an applicant’s actual financial health, rather than centralised credit history records.
— Seedcamp


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